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Vacuum Flask / Thermos Use and Precaution Tips

Posted on4 Years ago 4635
  1. In order to ensure the function of the product and lifetime of the product, please avoid any kind of collision to the product.

  2. Do not use any heating equipments such as microwave ovens, ovens, dryers and etc to heat the product, and stay away from high temperature objects to avoid deformation, discoloration, etc.

  3. Do not use the dishwasher to clean.

  4. Do not overfill the cup/bottle/flask/tumbler to prevent hot water spills out.

  5. Do not use to contain dry ice or carbonated beverages, which may cause the internal pressure to rise. When the product is used to contain perishable drinks such as milk, it should be cleaned in time.

  6. Do not contain salty liquids in the cup to extend the lifetime of the product.

  7. This product can be cleaned inside and outside. It is not recommended to soak it in water for a long time. Do not use bleach, thinner, steel balls, brushes, volatiles, silver powder, detergents, and etc. This may cause surface scratches and rust.

  8. If it is not used for a long time, remove the dirt and wipe it thoroughly with a rag. For better cleaning results, use a special cleaning brush.

  9. After cleaning, please confirm that the sealing ring is properly installed. If it is installed incorrectly or not installed, it will cause water leakage. Please ensure that the cup cover is installed and covered, otherwise it will cause the beverage to leak.

  10. Do not drop it nor impact to avoid water leakage or deterioration of insulation performance and reduce insulation effect.

  11. Thoroughly clean the cup with warm water after use, gently wipe the water with a soft cloth and dry completely, then store in a cool dry place.

  12. Please drink slowly and do not pour the drink suddenly, as this may cause a burn.

  13. Drink on the car, please be careful to avoid spills and get burns.

  14. Please avoid putting it in the refrigerator, which may result in a decrease in insulation performance.

  15. Please avoid carrying valuables and electronic equipment together to avoid damage and dirt caused by leakage due to special causes.

  16. Do not leave it in the car for a long time. This may cause the cup temperature to rise and cause burns.

  17. After the hot drink has cooled down, the internal air pressure drops, which may cause the lid to be difficult to open. Open with carefully.

  18. Recommended temperature: 0°C-100°C.

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